Macbeth’s mental state has deteriorated over a period of time ever since he assassinated of the humble king Duncan who he was reluctant to kill due to his kindness and appreciation towards him.Macbeth was convinced to commit this act due his wife’s greed and persistence in the matter. An example of where shown “When you do it,” […]

I have to get rid of the prince of Cumberland or get past him somehow to become king because he’s the only thing in my way from becoming king. God stop looking at me do not see my deep and dark desires.I don’t want to remember what I must do to become king.

The metaphor I have chosen is ‘Disdaining fortune, with his brandish’d steel, which smoked with bloody execution’ Here below is this phrase translated into contemporary english ‘Disrespecting fortune with his sword’

Now The mere thought of your GCSEs sends a shiver down your spine. You begin to let pessimistic scenarios cloud your chain of thought. After seemingly minutes of conversing with your inner self you finally snap out of the mental torture a single word has caused you.You cautiously cross the guarded gate hiding your empty […]

Chapters 38-40 Pip spends a lot more time with Estella in her London house with her hostess Mrs Brandley. He watches her mistreat her suitors, but she does not treat him the same. Pip later realises that drummle is Estellas court. Pip is furious so he goes and confronts Estella as he thought they were […]

Chapters 36-37 Pips 21st birthday finally comes he is excited and certain that his becoming an adult he will be told the identity of his benefactor. But jaggers refuses to tell him the identity and he informs him that he will be allowed 500 pounds a year. Pip invites jaggers to come to his birthday […]

Chapters 20-26 Jaggers takes pip to london where he likes and dislikes london simultaneously.While he is there he meets jaggers clerk wemmick. Wemmick inteoduces pip to herbert pocket who he spends the night with. Pip likes herbert but ge realised yhat he is the same pale young gentleman he fought with at satis house. Pip […]

Biddy goes to stay with Mrs Joe and Joe. Pip goes to miss Havishams but then soon realizes how bad the atmosphere is without Estella. Then pip tells Biddy about his love for Estela when he clearly is in love with biddy. Biddy then warns pip not to go to miss Havishams but pip goes […]

Pip begins working in joes forge and he hates working with joe but he continues to work there due to Joes kindness towards him. As he works he sees estella mocking him and he longs for satis house. pip then tries to improve Joe as a whole so he tries to teach him to read […]

Joe visits Satis house to complete the apprenticeship papers but due to his rough speech and his bad dress sense he gets laughed and mocked by Estella. Then Mrs Joe and Joe go to the town hall to confirm the apprenticeship then they all go out to celebrate.